How To Choose The Best Whole House Water Filter System

Families now more than ever should pay attention to the quality of water that they are drinking. For this purpose, they should be looking for the best whole house water filter system. Aside from drinking, it is important to bathe in healthy water as well. Some people are concerned about only what they ingest and this may not be such a good idea.

To find out about the best whole house water filter system, it is important to know what exactly it is. Simply, it is one filter that connects to the main water supply of a home. This enables all water that enters the home to be healthy and clean. Every drop of water that is used in the home is clean.

These systems are usually connected to the primary water line. This is prior to the water being distributed to the water heater. This means that people in the home get to wash in toxin-free water.

There are many systems from which homeowners are able to choose. This makes it somewhat difficult to select the best whole house water filter system. The first step is to know what kind of contaminants are in the water. Typically, though, these are hard minerals, chemicals, sediments, and iron.

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They can be a nuisance or they can be really toxic. To determine this one should apply to the municipality for a water analysis. This will tell the homeowners of just how bad the water actually is. Once this has been ascertained then it is possible to obtain the most suitable system.

These systems are known to soften the water and to remove the elements from the water. Certain contaminates require specific filters to remove them. This is why the water analysis is so important. Most of these filters are however carbon based.

Choosing a Whole House Water Filter System

Choosing a whole house water filter is all about finding the right one for your home.
Not only the size of water usage but the people are in your family should also be taken into consideration before choosing a whole house water filter. One that will provide you and your family with water that is healthy to drink, and healthy to use.

Not only you need to read the consumer reviews to get the best water filter product for your whole house but also you also need to look for the cost of these choices that are out there for you to pick from. Look to see who provides the highest percentage when it comes to removing those dangerous contaminants that may be present in your water.

Water filters reduce the risk of gastrointestinal disease by more than 33 percent by removing cryptosporidium and giardia from drinking water.

But choosing a whole house water filter system will also mean that you're going to have to compare the flow rates that are provided. Looking for a house filter system that can be able to provide your household with decent water pressure.

That water pressure is also going to be determined by the port size of your whole house water filter product you choose. Most homes can be different for the port size that is needed, but it seems like the most common is a 1" ported system.

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Choosing a whole house water filter will not only be based on those two things, and cost to you. But also check to see what size the filter is, not that it will matter when it comes to pressure. But it will help you determine the right water filter system to buy.

You also need to see what the water filter life is when choosing a whole house water filter system. Don't get something that you have to change all the time, but something that will last a decent amount of time. With these things in mind, you will be on the way to choosing a whole house water filter product.

Best Whole House Water Filter System: Our Recommendation

Ratings of whole house water filter choices are going to be based on how many chemicals they remove, plus other items. Sediments should also be something that you need to make sure that your selection has the ability to remove. Plus you can't forget about Iron and other contaminants that you may not even be aware of.

Finding those ratings of whole house filter choices also make sure that you see what the flow rate of each choice is. The faster the water flows, the more appliances that you will be able to use at once. This is going to be based on the size of your family to figure out what the best flow rate should be. Check out our recommendation below.

Aquasana EQ-1000-AST-UV-AMZN UV Softener and Whole House Water Filter

Aquasana Whole House Water Filter EQ 1000 ASTAquasana Whole House Water Filter EQ 1000 AST

This whole house water filter from Aquasana is currently the leading water filter and softener. It removes approx 97% of chlorine and other harmful contaminants present in water. The plastic fittings supplied with the unit are manufactured by NDS and are of great quality. You can almost immediately feel the difference in the form of water odour and clarity after the installation of this filter. It comes in various sizes ranging from 400k to 1000k gallons of healthy water for you and your family.

You also get a salt-free water softener with the 500-1000k gallon variants. This product is thoroughly tested and we recommend it. You might be lucky enough to strike a deal while purchasing and save some bucks.

Advantages of Hard Water Shower Filter

A hard water shower filter can be found by doing some research on the internet. Depending on exactly what you want in your hard water shower filter will make up your final decision. Yes, the price will come into the equation as it does with any purchase you ever make.

Hard Water Shower Filter

With many hard water shower filter choices, you have look for one that will also remove those harmful contaminants. These contaminants are bad to inhale, and will cause skin irritation as well. Finding a hard water shower filter that is made of some sort of carbon material will help to keep the chlorine out of the water.

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Chlorine may cause you to have red eyes, skin irritation and rashes. Remember though the most important thing could be reading reviews. Finding a product that offers you everything you're hoping for. Instead of just getting a hard water shower filter, consider a whole house water filter system.

Making your water softer, cutting down on the soap scum that builds up in your shower. That will mean less cleaning or an easier time of cleaning anyway. Plus your hair will feel nice and soft if you have a hard water shower filter. If you know someone who already has one in their home, check it out.

Another great thing about getting a hard water shower filter is you will save money on the bills, and use less soap. Less water is going to be used if you have a shower filter, and the reason you will use less soap, is because you will get more foam from your current soap.

There are many excellent things about buying a hard water shower filter, but most importantly it will have you and your family enjoying a healthier lifestyle. Get rid of not only the hard water soap scum but also bacterial contaminants in your water supply.

Our recommendation:​

Aquasana AQ-4100NSH Premium Shower Filter

Aquasana AQ 4100NSH Premium Hard Water Shower Filter

AQ-4100NSH Shower Filter from Aquasana provides superior filteration of shower water, thanks to its dual-stage filteration technology.  It removes over 90% of chlorine, which can cause skin and hair damage. You can see a visible difference in the shower water after the installation of this filter. This filter comes without a shower head, so you might want to shop for a matching shower head with it. Don't worry about the fit, since this shower filter is designed to fit most of the standard shower heads.

Shower Filters: What Are They and How To Find The Best

Do you want softer hair? Skin that looks and feels great? Well look into buying a shower water filter and you can have them both. To find the best shower water filter you need to have in mind what you're considering.

It is unfortunate that despite all of our modern technology, water purification systems are not more advanced. While municipals work hard to provide fresh clean water for the surrounding communities, they often employ purification methods that utilize large quantities of chemicals that are harmful for humans to use or consume.​

Not only are most modern purification treatments ineffective, but the piping systems that carry water to our homes is also in need of updating. In many cases, the water becomes contaminated with heavy metals and other toxins and contaminants which come from the pipes themselves. Some insist that it is the chemicals in the water such as chlorine and chloramine which are leeching these toxins out of the pipes. But whatever the case, it is very bad for humans.

Women suffering from breast cancer are all found to have 50-60 percent more chlorine in their breast tissue than healthy women.

Even worse, when you get into a shower, the hot steam really opens up your lungs and turns the chemicals into poisonous gases that you are breathing in at a much faster rate than if you were simply drinking the water. This is very bad for our well-being, and some studies have suggested that there may actually be a link between this exposure and serious illnesses or even cancer. This is why it is so important to understand how well do shower filters work.

​This has caused many to invest in their own home filtration system so that they can be sure of the quality of the water they are using. Shower filters are a positive step to ensuring that you remain as healthy for as long as possible.

Shower filters remove contaminants that can be in your water supply. It's nice to have the hard water removed from the shower water, less soap scum will build up, and soap will foam up more.

However, what about the other things that can be present in your water? Pesticides that may have been used around the area can have all sorts of things accumulating in your water. But with the best shower water filter, you can get those products almost completely removed from the water supply.

Cutting down on problems that you may have with redness in your eyes, itchiness, and even rashes. Not only that but even some other health problems that you can stop from affecting your family. Looking for a high-quality shower water filter will help with so many things.

Effectiveness Of Shower Filters

Shower Filters

The body lives on water, it is filled with it, and people are surrounded by water here on earth. All people need it to survive. However, you're not guaranteed safety from harmful chemicals and other problems associated with exposing yourself to less-than-healthy water. The effectiveness of shower filters comes into play when you consider all the possible contaminants.

People are not just exposed to harmful elements when drinking tap water, but also when showering and bathing. Most people consume at least some water while in the shower, but it also seeps into your pores and leaves you susceptible to breathing them in as well. This makes it important to understand the effectiveness of shower filters.

Shower filtration removes chlorine and other impure sources from the water. This helps you avoid irritation of the eyes and nose, as well as the lungs and throat, among other things. This can mean that you will avoid headaches and other associated problems. A good filtration system also decreases your exposure to THMs which is known to increase your risk of cancer.

These shower systems are also useful in removing unpleasant odors from your bath water. It's hard to relax and enjoy a good soak or a morning shower if you are breathing in gross smells. The chemicals that cause this problem can be filtered out, making shower filters an effective tool for removing bad odor.

Others are designed to catch sediment. There are high-end and expensive options but it is also possible to purchase more affordable systems. That's why it is important to do a little research and read the reviews and ratings before you choose one for your home.

The effectiveness of shower filters has been proven, but it is up to you to make sure you invest in one that will actually accomplish what you're looking for. Research the value of any product you are considering. This should not only be based on price, but on longevity of the filter, on customer reviews and satisfaction as well as on the goal you are looking to accomplish.


Compare different prices of shower water filters and see who offers you the best deal. Not only should you look at the cost, but also at how many of those contaminants that are removed. Many of the top shower water filter choices you have are going to remove around 99% of almost all those contaminants.

If you can, you should consider buying a whole house water filtration system. It will not only work for your shower water, but also to uncontaminated your drinking water. Plus the water that you use to cook, and wash dishes and clothes with. This will help your family become healthier.